You may think your business is special; but, the marketplace doesn’t know or care about you until you compete and prove it. It demands winners and does not weep over losers.

Making profit, and generating positive cash flow, is non-negotiable* and you may well have to make more than you think. It measures your success in terms of tangible dollars generated over specific periods of time.**

Yet profit is only a means to an end for it enables value attainment by individuals, whether customers, workers, suppliers, investors or owners.

Profit is intensely personal, necessary and moral.
Understand it. Pursue it. Make it. Enjoy it. Apologize to no one.

*A “non-profit organization” is strictly a construct of United States tax law and has no existence in the real world. All so-called non-profit organizations must make profit.

**Profit is a gaining of value, intangible and limitless in form and defined exclusively by each and every individual. Business profit is usually measured in concrete dollar terms and is earned by supplying value desired by customers/buyers.